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The Blockhouse Technology Ltd
Immersive Education Initiative
University College Oxford Blockchain Research Centre

2024 Blockchain in Education and Digital Civilisation Conference

The conference took place on 9–11 April 2024 at Oriel College, Oxford.

A decentralised system typically consists of widely distributed processing and data storage hardware, controlled by a range of owners whose motivations may vary widely. These operators may have imperfect knowledge of each other, and they might be in competition with each other. Each node (operator+system) might have little or no trust in most of the others. And yet for decentralised systems to work dependably, they have to trust the aggregate system. We employ two separate approaches to this.
Collective trust, exemplified by blockchain and multi-party computation, assumes that there are enough parties who, perhaps thanks to incentives, do the right thing. In this case, the system has to be designed so that each user can trust the overall results and can trust that privacy has not been breached.
Trusted computing means computing hardware capable of being used in such a way that its results and its secret-keeping can be trusted by those using it, no matter where the hardware is or who owns it. Such technology is termed TRUSTLESS because no trust in other agents is required.
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The blockhouse technology limited (tbtl)

Blockhouse boasts world-class scientific and engineering teams in both collective trust and trusted computing. It has leading scientists and teams implementing products based on TEEs (trusted execution environments), multi-party computation and blockchain, as well as a rapidly developing portfolio of IP in these areas. We mainly operate out of our offices based in Oxford, UK and Zagreb, Croatia.

We believe that trustless technology is the leading candidate for decentralised privacy-preserving computation in applications such as sharing access to big data. Similarly, we believe that blockchain is the best technology for ensuring integrity of records, rules and processes in decentralised systems.


mission statement

Developing Technologies for a Secure Digital Society
TBTL is a company created by scientists dedicated to building decentralised technology that can be trusted even when operated in a partisan and untrustworthy world. This technology is needed for the decentralised systems increasingly running modern society, and essential if we are to move away from centralised control and towards personal control of personal data.
Our speciality is creating the technology to make decentralised systems trustworthy.
Our mission is to create the science and technology which allows us all to live in, and reap the benefits of, a connected world, while protecting integrity and individual control over personal data.



Secure Digital Civilisation
To use trusted and distributed computing technologies to create a more secure, private and fairer digital civilisation.


Although existing security techniques are effectively securing data or its corresponding encrypted keys, the process of protecting data while in use has yet to be fully addressed and solved. For example; when others must process it (i.e. identity verification) or have limited access to it (i.e. clinical research).

Current solutions attempt to solve this vulnerability but have failed to provide complete integrated data security, prevent single points of failure, reduce the attack surface and prevent data leakages all together. Furthermore, solutions do not address fragmented rule languages, which in itself increases data protection’s vulnerability. 

Data & regulation standards

Data is created in different jurisdictions and therefore subject to different rules about where it is can be stored and what can be done to it. We must seek solutions to respect these and unite the data.

Internal & External Threats

Hacking and attacks from outside a system are many and varied, but easier to deal with than attacks by system insiders: insider threat because the attack surface is smaller. Insider threat is the greater problem because data is typically much more available to insiders.

Single Points of Failure

Single points of failure are a critical vulnerability in any system, decreasing solutions’ reliability and credibility.  Decentralisation and redundancy, as in blockchain, are key here.


In decentralised systems, uncertainty naturally arises when lots of things happen at the same time.   Where resources are spent and rules are applied we need certainty, not this nondeterminism.



Policy-Bound Key Management
Service, PB-KMS

PB-KMS is an innovative, cloud-based key management solution built on top of TBTL’s TEE-based distributed microservice platform.

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Custody & Digital
Signing Service, TCS

A novel service built on top of PB-KMS, which allows users to keep their digital assets and private keys with a custodian, without disclosing those assets and keys to the service.

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Ledger Enhanced Identity Management Service, LIM & TBTL Accountability Service

A secure service, which allows comprehensive identity management and binds physical, real world and digital identities.


Next generation

We have ideas and technology to revolutionise the way blockchains are used to protect the integrity of society, business, and cross-border trust, including a growing IP portfolio.

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The combination of blockchain and TEE/trusted computing provide the ideal environment for creating transparently fair regulatory systems, with regulation satisfaction built into the substance of the blockchain. Examples include KYC and banking regulation. We have teams developing this technology. We welcome collaboration with regulatory bodies and those implementing regulations.



A distributed platform composed of hardened microservices running within trusted execution environments (TEEs).
THE TBTL platform combines the best of trusted and distributed computing to achieve state of the art security without sacrificing performance.

TBTL architecture is designed to ensure by default

(a) the hardening of the system from runtime attacks,
(b) the protection of data at rest and in transit, irrespective of the application that it runs.

Using Intel SGX (applicable to other TEEs as well), TBTL TEE technology is founded on the following basis:


A microservice architecture

Attested enclaves with well-defined APIs

云 2

The deployment in all and any cloud

i.e. Azure, Alibaba etc

钥匙 2

Key management services

Clouds, networks, storage etc

更多 2

The implementation of all and any functionality



Rule the Digital World Automatically

Our mission at TBTL is to make regulatory rules less complicated, automatically enforceable and easy to monitor, as regulation is a necessary component of a well-functioning society. Regulations and how they are maintained must be transparent.

Data Cell

A Novel Concept of Data Security

With blockchain adoption rapidly growing, the market is requiring an integrated solution, ensuring the continual protection of data at all states. TBTL’s approach ensures the security, trustworthiness and integration of our digital world.



Shenzhen, China

Oxford-Hainan Blockchain Research Institute

Hainan, China


Hainan, China

University College Oxford Blockchain Research centre

Oxford, UK

TBTL is keen to work with parties interested in working with us on our cutting-edge technologies

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