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Our founders Bill Roscoe and Bangdao Chen originally worked together at Oxford University, and later set up Chieftin Lab in Shenzhen, China. This effort helped them to raise funds to found TBTL and the University College Oxford Blockchain Research Centre.

Major investment from SSC based in Hainan, China, broadened our focus to support the development of the Digital Civilisation initiative emerging from Hainan and its new free trade area, identified as the focus of Chinese blockchain development.

SSC and its OxHainan research centre in Hainan are our close partners in the Digital Civilisation Initiative. Chieftin is working to promote our technology and products, and collaborating with other Chinese companies such as Ping An and IBR.

We continue to sponsor the University College Oxford Blockchain Research Centre.

Our collaboration with IBR recently won the 4th (Chinese) national blockchain competition. Please use the link below to view the article.

Who We Are

Innovators of Blockchain Security Technology, Trusted by Design.

We are scientists and engineers creating new security solutions for today’s complex and decentralised world. We are inspired by the integrity of blockchain and the need to integrate it with privacy and regulation.

We believe in the power of technology to harness trust and create a better world.

Out of the collective good of humanity and the predictable logic of IT, both protected by leading edge cryptography, we build solutions that secure yet free your data.

We provide solutions that form the core of banking, e-government and identity systems, with integrated regulation.

We believe that as technology and society develop, the security technology that supports them needs to be renewed. That is what we are doing, in particular making decentralised systems secure.

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The Blockhouse Technology Ltd., or TBTL, is a British technology company founded on the basis of innovative, world-class scientific and technological research.

编组 8Years

Members of the team have been working together for 30 years. They are a core team of experts at leading universities, including Oxford and ETHZ, TBTL has designed its platform on the basis of trustless technology, a new fundamental of blockchain.


With this team of renowned researchers, experienced business leaders and a globally integrated ecosystem, TBTL's journey of moving blockchain to the mainstream and creating a significant impact, is only just beginning.


TBTL is based in Oxford, with a subsidiary company TBTL-Zg based in Zagreb. The development of the TBTL Platform is mainly centred in Zagreb; Regtech and blockchain research are centred in Oxford.


TBTL - Oxford

Bill Roscoe

Founder & Director


Bangdao Chen

Founder & Director


Ivan Martinovic

Principal Advisor


Feihu Song

Chief Product Officer


Srdjan Capkun

Senior Advisor


Pedro Antonino

Senior Research Scientist

Han Liu

Senior Research Scientist

Elizabeth Walsh

Elizabeth Walsh

General Manager

Huafeng Zhang

Associate Leader of Blockchain Project

Garry Lancaster

Software Engineer

Chloe Smith

Office Manager

Wojciech Woloszyn

Software Engineer

Phillip White

Software Engineer

Chao Liu

Software Engineer

Zhiqiang Yang

Software Engineer

Qian Ren

Software Engineer

TBTL - Advisors

Peter Ryan


Jim Davies


TBTL Zagreb Research team

TBTL is keen to hear from parties interested in working with us on our cutting-edge technologies.

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