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Data privacy, and generally having a tight control over your own data, is arguably the most pressing issue of modern times. It must be a
fundamental right in a digital civilisation that must be unequivocally guaranteed and enforced by core technologies.

Privacy by design

By leveraging TEEs to store data in a way that no one but the data owner - or the people given access - can access it.

Tailored access control

By providing a policy language that can be used to tune who can access the data. It can also be used to delegate, in a controlled way, who can manage data on the owner's behalf.

Strong accountability

By recording every data access in the TBTL ledger, so the data owner has complete control and knowledge of who is using its data.

Trustless custody of your data

Our data cell is built on top of our unique enclave-based micro-service architecture. Data remains private and is solely controlled by the data owner even if a custodian stores it. The owner alone is in charge of granting and revoking access, and delegating control to other entities.

Policy-based access control

Policies are managed by the data owner. They set out which entities are entitled to access the data within the associated data cell. Different data actions can have different access policies associated to them. The policies can also be used to implement delegation. Other entities might be designed to manage the owner's cell, if desired. In this case, the policy restricts what the managing entity can do with the owner's data.

Ledger-enhanced identity management and access-control accountability

A distributed ledger is used as a central hub for information detailing the operation of the data cell ecosystem. Identities have to be registered in our ecosystem so we can keep track of the entities taking part within it. Moreover, all the actions taking place in the ecosystem are logged into the ledger. Together with the identities, this information gives a undisputable history of what has happened in the ecosystem. This strong notion of accountability deters misbehaviour as bad actors can be easily identified and punished.

TBTL is keen to work with parties interested in working with us on the Data Cell or other aspects of privacy preserving computation.


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