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High security • Pro‑regulation • Environmentally friendly


The TBTL Platform is built such that it is hardened against both external and internal threats, leveraging distribution and
trusted computing while preventing service operators from accessing user’s data.


We use a distributed systems architecture. This makes our products robust against the compromise of individual components, and enables disaster recovery and high availability.

Microservice architecture

Re-design of systems architecture into microservices with well-defined characteristics and interfaces.

TEE Hardened Microservices

Hardened microservices running within trusted execution environments on top of Intel SGX with extension to other Trusted Execution Environments.

Policy-Bound Key Management Service, PB-KMS

PB-KMS is an innovative, cloud-based key management solution built on top of TBTL’s Platform. PB-KMS generates and stores cryptographic credentials, such as keys, tokens, passwords and more. PB-KMS supports secret sharing and geographical distribution of keys.

Trustless Custody & Digital Service, TCS

A novel service built on top of PB-KMS, which allows users to keep their digital assets and private keys with a custodian, without disclosing those assets and keys to the service operator. TCS allows assets to be protected within TEE enclaves and be subject to use solely based on the policy which the user approves.
Users can therefore keep their digital assets and private keys with a custodian, without disclosing those assets and keys to the service. Being built on top of PB-KMS, TCS supports digital identities and multi-factor transaction confirmation processes, which can be integrated with different KYC processes.
Finally, TCS is fully smartphone ready, which supports all main cryptocurrencies and can be integrated as a service within a Digital Asset Bank, through a simple API.

Ledger Enhanced Identity Management Service, LIM & Accountability Service

A secure service, which allows comprehensive identity management and binds physical, real world and digital identities.
A standard service, providing an immutable log of all systems and activities including interactions with clients; ensuring a basis for forensics, dispute resolution and compliance.
LIM and TBTL Accountability services support:
- Payment-to-identity – to users who still do not have accounts;
- Sender-customised authentication.

Do you wonder if the TBTL Platform could make your systems more secure? Contact us.

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